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Prism is widely used in optical applications. Innowit offer many types of prisms, include Right Angle Prism, Penta Prism, Beamsplitter Penta Prism, Corner Cube Reflector, Porro Prism, Dove Prism, Rhomboid Prism, Brewster Prism, Equilateral Prism, Roof Prism, Wedge Prism, Anamorphic Prism and Custom Prism.
Material BK7, or UV grade Fused Silica
Dimension Tolerance ±0.2mm
Flatness λ/4@632.8nm per 25mm range
Pyramidal Error <3 arc minutes
Perpendicularity <15 arc minutes
Surface Quality 60/40 scratch and dig
Clear Aperture >90%
Chamfer Protective
Coating No coating available

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