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RTP Switch

Because RTP is Biaxial crystal and has natural Birefringence, the light propagation axis is either along the X or Y axes, both of which exhibit birefringence. The Q-switch is built using a pair of crystals matched in optical thickness in a temperature compensating design. Crystals are orientated at 90° to each other such that light which is polarized along the X axis say in the first crystal is then polarized along the Z axis of the second crystal. The "slow" ray in the first crystal then becomes the "fast" ray in the second and the total static birefringence is thus in theory cancelled in the composite crystal pair. This process is not however perfect and even with the best matched crystals one will experience a loss of birefringence cancellation when high optical powers are passed through the crystals.
Transmission:                                      >98.5%
1/2 wave voltage:                                1000-3000V
Peak optical power density capability:     >600MW/cm2 at 1064nm (t = 10ns,pulse)

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