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DKDP Switch

DKDP is normally used for Q-switching of laser radiation. These Pockels cells are manufactured from high quality DKDP crystals with low optical loss, free strain, high resistivity and uniformity. This package features a dry and high compact cell.
Crystal material:                                               KD*P D*>98%
Q-Switch aperture diameter:                          10mm / 12mm
λ range:                                                             450-1100mm
Peak optical power density capability:         700MW/cm2(10HZ 10ns)
Transmission:                                                   ≥98%(400nm-1064nm)
1/4 wave voltage:                                             3.2KV@1064nm
Extinction ratio:                                                1000:1@632.8nm
Capatitance:                                                     ≤5pf

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