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863 Program undertaken by INNOWIT passed the acceptance

In December 29, 2017,the acceptance meeting of National 863 Programe-"Research on Crystal Materials and High performance Laser engine Technology" undertaken by INNOWIT as lead unit was held in Ji'nan.
Materials of high technology research center of the Ministry of science and technology department director Shi Dongmei attended the meeting and acceptance, project chief expert, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of photoelectric Bi Yong researcher from the basic situation of the project, project acceptance, project overall implementation, main achievements and benefits, project implementation effect and influence on the development of this field were reported. Chairman of INNOWIT Mr.Qiao Yongjun and GM Mr.Min Yutao attended the meeting.
The acceptance panel heard the summary report of project acceptance , reviewed the relevant information and the R&D samples,considered the project completed the research content , realized the project objective , reached the examination index of the project approval , and agreed that the project passed the acceptance .
The 863 program-"Research on Crystal Materials and High performance Laser engine Technology" was launched in March 2013 with a special budget of 13.96 million yuan. As the project lead unit, INNOWIT has successfully completed all the task objectives according to the scheduled time. Through the implementation of the project, the advanced technology of a batch of crystal materials and high performance laser engine has been broken through and the traditional material technology such as display field has been upgraded by using laser engine technology. It lays a foundation for large-scale production and application.
INNOWIT relies on the State key Laboratory of Crystal Materials of Shandong University for many years engaged in crystal research and development, production, sales and other business.As the lead unit to undertake and successfully complete the 863 project, reflects the university enterprises in the national technology innovation system in the construction of the advantages and role of the school related academic research. Transformation of achievements, talent training plays a positive role in promoting.


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