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The City of Springs----Jinan

Jinan is the capital city of Shandong province. Located at the lower reach of the Yellow River, it is the political, economic, cultural, scientific and technological, educational and financial center, and it is also a sub-provincial city and a coastal open city under national ratification. As a national historical and cultural city, Jinan has enjoyed a good reputation of “the City of Springs” since history. A line of poem depicted a vivid picture of Daming Lake:”Lotuses on four sides and willows on three; Mountains outside and a lake within”. Being an important cradle of Chinese civilization, Jinan is an ancient city with a long history of over 4000 years. Chengzi Cliff, located in the eastern suburb of Jinan, is the place where Longshan Culture is archeologically discovered. Longshan  Culture (4600-4000 years ago) belongs to the later stage of Neolithic Age, featured with black pottery and it was listed in 1961 by the State Council of China as a National Key Unit of Cultural Relics Preservation.
INNOWIT Co., Ltd. Is located in Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, which is one of the first state-level new & high-tech zones approved by the State Council.

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